Meet Angelina Mavrick

Marketing Coordinator, insignia

“I love the team I work with and the company culture. I can’t recommend highly enough the Graduate Program or a role across Winson Group.”

As the Marketing Coordinator at insignia, Angelina is responsible for running campaigns, managing trade advertising and producing content across insignia’s range of omnichannel platforms. After graduating university with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Angelina was excited to begin her professional journey as part of the Graduate Program at Signet.

“I didn’t have much industry experience but I did have a strong vision for my career path. I was unsure about how to achieve my goals but I shared my passion with my manager. She worked with me to set short-term goals and introduced me to key associates within other departments of the business.”

With allocated project time in areas of professional interest, Angelina had the opportunity to work closely with Signet’s marketing team on a number of digital and direct marketing projects.

“This ignited my passion for content writing and the experience I gained during this time aided my progression into my current role.”

An unrivalled graduate program

Angelina found the Signet Graduate Program within the Customer Contact Centre to be the ideal springboard for professional enrichment.

“As part of the program, the budgets we are given for training are fantastic. I completed a certificate in Content Marketing; any way you want to grow and develop your skills will be supported.”

Most appealing to Angelina is the holistic approach Winson Group takes to professional development. With personal coaching and mentoring from managers, she’s been encouraged to pursue skill expansion at every step.

“I have had the opportunity to attend training modules, graduate conferences and breakfasts during my time in the program which have not only been valuable to my career development but have helped me to make incredible friendships with other graduates.”

A close team and a community feel

The size of the insignia team means nothing is off limits as Angelina continues to learn.

“Our marketing team is small but that’s a great thing! We are a team of four so I’m able to own a project from start to finish. I get the chance to learn and explore all aspects of Marketing from content creation and email design to post campaign reporting and analytics. I am always being challenged to develop my skill set.”

Above all, Angelina says it’s the tight community that really sets the company apart.

“The Winson Group started as a small family business. Although it has grown into a large company, there is still a tight community feel.”

With events like Barbeque Fridays and regular ‘Town Hall’ meetings, departments are able to touch base and share their projects and achievements. A strong respect for communication and ownership is embedded in the workplace and Angelina says that it’s these aligned values and behaviours which are so attractive

“I love the team I work with and the company culture. I can’t recommend highly enough the Graduate Program or a role across Winson Group.”

We are excited to report that Angelina has recently been promoted to a new position with the Signet Marketing team; working across two companies without leaving the Group has been a source of variety and opportunity!

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