Meet Evan Powell

National Distribution & Supply Chain Manager, Signet

I’ve always enjoyed the ongoing opportunities, new challenges and the ability to consistently add value… and see that value.

Evan joined the Brisbane Graduate Program in 2011 within the Customer Experience centre. He started out managing internal sales calls and customer enquiries but soon discovered his passion for logistics and forecasting. He has since gone on to manage Signet Supply Chain and Warehouses nationally.

Why Signet?

Leaving university with a Bachelor of Business Management, Evan was unsure of the direction he wanted to take. Joining Signet right after graduation brought him a steep learning curve and an abundance of opportunity.

“I’d studied quite a broad degree and I hadn’t decided what niche of business I wanted to focus on. I knew I had an interest in logistics and operations and I was lucky to get into that space really quickly. It didn’t take me long to realise there was a good future to work towards at Signet.”

The diversity of work and the deep project involvement has given Evan the chance to develop new ideas and see them through to completion.

“Something I noticed early on is that everyone is empowered to ‘go off and do’. I’ve never feel like I’m jumping through hoops. It’s up to us to make it happen and improve the way we work. I’ve always enjoyed the ongoing opportunities, new challenges and the ability to consistently add value… and see that value.”

Everyday motivation

Evan is clear about what drives him day to day.

“I’m definitely motivated by the journey we are on. There is plenty of opportunity for improvement and to make our operations run better. I take pride in doing a good job for Signet each day and providing ongoing value for customers.”

Any job has its challenges but Evan says these are exciting and drive him to want to achieve more.

“The biggest challenge is how much work I get to be across! There is so much to do, which means time isn’t always on our side. With our growth comes some growing pain but we all welcome that challenge.”

A collaborative environment

In the Brisbane office and across Signet, Evan enjoys the approachable, helpful team and the fun, collaborative environment that they create.

“There is a family feel in our team. Everyone is aware of what we want to achieve and we work hard to get there, together. No matter who you work with, they’re always approachable and happy to be working here – no one is grumpy!”

Working hard but being able to share a laugh together has always provided a great balance for the work environment. This is something Evan really appreciates.

“I love being able to go downstairs with the sales team or walk down to our warehouse and speak with the people. It’s nice to know you can walk up to colleagues and discuss anything. It really has been a good cultural fit for me here at Signet.”

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