Meet Harry Papandony

Field Services Engineer, insignia

I like that insignia has so much potential for growth. It’s exciting to be part of that.

In 2016, Harry joined the Sydney-based insignia team as a Field Services Engineer, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge, a hard-working attitude and focus on ownership.

As a Field Services Engineer, Harry manages equipment breakdowns and attends scheduled maintenance calls to ensure customers can keep their businesses running. Regularly dealing with production lines means he works with label applicators, inkjet machines and thermal printers which allow clients to print important details onto products to get them ready for market.

Customer interaction

Harry spends most of his time away from the office, meeting with customers across New South Wales.

“I really enjoy the customer interaction part of my job! We have a lot of customers who we see quite regularly so it’s nice to build a rapport with them. It’s great to be able to teach people how to maintain equipment. While it’s our job to help and we will do that every time, I like empowering our clients to understand how things work.”

Moving around each day brings plenty of variety to Harry’s role, which is something he values.

“Before insignia, I was in an office-based management role. I didn’t often speak to customers so being able to have such a diverse role today is really exciting.”

Challenge and reward

Like any role, Harry’s work has its challenges! Broken equipment can result in lost production and therefore money, so quick response times and finding the right solutions are essential parts of the job.

“Sometimes when a production line is down it means our client can’t mark or code their products. It’s law that you can’t produce products without having certain information marked. It’s a big problem for clients when machines break so it’s our responsibility to get them up and running as soon as possible. That means things can get very busy!”

Helping Australia compete is at the core of what we do, and this purpose brings so much fulfilment to Harry.

“Solving issues is very rewarding and I feel supported here by managers and the entire team. The great thing is everyone wants to see you do well and I like that there is room for growth. insignia has so much further potential and I’m excited to be part of that.”

An open, safety-focused culture

While working in a small team of three, Harry never feels far away from the rest of the business with monthly national and technical meetings, and weekly huddle meetings.

“We use this time to talk about what’s happening throughout the business and to identify any areas that require attention. I really appreciate that we also talk about health and safety in our monthly technical meetings. I’m very grateful our managers and leaders are focused on this.”

Harry believes communication is the key to working well and is proud to be part of genuine culture of respect.

“We communicate well together and there is such good comradery between everyone in the office. While we don’t always work directly with them, it’s great having them alongside us. There is a community feel to the culture we have and I’m so happy to be here.”

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