Meet Lee Jones

Key Account Manager, insignia

We’ve grown so much as an organisation and we have a big team… but we’re definitely still a family.

Lee began her journey with us back in 1998, working as a supervisor responsible for credit and customer care. She then moved across to insignia in 2000 where she firmly established herself as an outstanding Account Manager and then Business Development Manager.

“When I first moved to insignia as an Account Manager, my role was incredibly expansive. I’m proud to have helped to establish the business by building the customer base when I became BDM. To think about my involvement in that is a little overwhelming! I love knowing that I contributed to that.”

Today, Lee is a Key Account Manager and looks after an extensive region, from Brisbane’s southside to northern NSW, assisting insignia customers to find solutions which address their business needs.

An unexpected journey

Coming from a strong background in credit and finance with large companies, Lee didn’t expect to find herself in sales and account management – but she’s glad she did!

“I’d previously worked for leading food and chemical manufacturers, a construction company, a television station and national banks. I always felt like ‘just a number’. I realised that most when I joined the team here, because we’re nothing like that. We’ve grown so much as an organisation and we have a big team… but we’re definitely still a family where everyone is valued.”

Lee is proud to have been part of the organisation’s journey.

“We have five times as many staff as when I first started! But in that growth, I don’t think our people have ever lost a sense of team. There is a lot of success but still plenty of closeness in the business. We’ve also remained flexible and that’s allowed me to try new things. Our leaders really understand how to support and develop us.”

Driven by impact & success

Helping Australia compete, and the impact and success that comes with that, is what drives Lee in every project she takes on. Ensuring customers receive the best outcomes and process brings Lee a huge sense of reward.

“I always want to see the best thing done for the customer every day. It’s a great feeling when you help a business through a problem and can be so autonomous in finding a solution for them. We’re really trusted here. That’s so rewarding.”

Lee’s great work is evident in the satisfaction of her clients.

“I’m really focused on exceeding KPIs, so hearing customers say how happy they are with our products reaffirms our hard work. The fact that many contacts choose to continue using our products and services when moving into a new company is incredibly rewarding. I always value that chance to continue a relationship.”

An unbelievable culture & team

People tell us they can feel our positive culture as soon as you walk through the door, and some do wonder if it’s too good to be true!

“I think one of the most common questions we get asked by new people to our workplace is ‘is everyone really like this, or are they putting it on?’ and I love being able to say that everyone genuinely is that nice.”

What Lee loves most about the people across Winson Group is how well everyone works together.

“It’s just wonderful here. We never say no to helping each other and we never say no to a barbecue!”

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