Meet Tim Upton

Senior Networks Engineer, Winson Group

A great thing about working here is the company is the right size… We are agile in what we can do.

When Tim first migrated to Australia from the UK, Winson Group was the first company he interviewed with and he’s been with us ever since! What’s kept Tim enjoying his role as Systems Networks Engineer has been the chance to work at the right speed and scale.

“A great thing about working here is the company is the right size. We’re big enough to work on large and interesting projects but at the same time, we’re small enough that we are agile in what we can do. I find it’s the best of both worlds.”

Technologically forward

Working in IT, it’s important to Tim that he’s able to use the latest technologies and software. Winson Group’s willingness to incorporate technology updates and improvements into the business means he’s able to create a positive impact for end users.

“We always try to use the most current technology, which allows us to take full advantage of the latest features. I really enjoy identifying areas for improvement and finding out how these new technologies and features can help the organisation.”

Tim works across both Signet and insignia. While he supports day to day technology needs from the help desk, behind the scenes you’ll find him implementing new tech, migrating to new servers, managing ongoing projects and travelling interstate when needed for support workshops and installations.

This means that agility is a key requirement of Tim’s role. Being able to keep calm under pressure is something he and his team do well.

“Working in IT, you can’t get stressed out too quickly. The team has a lot of experience and this always helps us manage situations.”

Transparent and trusted culture

Independence and respect between management and team members is key to our culture. Being given the chance to own projects and contribute to the success of the business is something that Tim finds really rewarding.

“Together in IT, we are a team of five. I really like the fact that I’m able to manage a lot of projects independently. There’s no one watching over my shoulder, as we have a good level of trust in our team.”

For Tim, that independence balances well with openness and honesty.

“The culture here is strong. We have great communication and we always have weekly ‘huddle’ meetings to help us keep on top of what’s going on in the business. I feel that we’re honest and open and never hesitate to lean on each other for support. Someone is always willing to help.”

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